Guild Message of the Day - April 24th
Welcome to Swarm, part of the Immortal Gaming Network! ( to read more) Swarm is currently 3/13H.

Swarm News

By: Bellanka - April 8th

Holy Shitsnacks, someone updated the front page!

You bet your sweet, sweet of-legal-age bippy I did!

It has been some time since we updated this, what with being busy and having other excuses no one cares about, but fear not! Praise be to your flavor of deity! The Angry Greek is back with more updates to come!

For now all you need to know is that we are 1/13H and looking for a Warlock whose skills are SO AMAZING our inner children write fanfiction about you.

Stay Tuned!

By: Bellanka - October 3rd

US 27th

3 down ... 3 to go ...

By: Teslah - September 25th

Let the game begin!

and we're off!

By: Teslah - August 14th

Swarm is recruiting!

Currently seeking a talented mage, warlock, and blood dk to join our ranks!

By: Teslah - March 29th

Heroic Madness!

By: Teslah - March 25th


Some things we may have neglected to mention along the way -

  • Dawgystyle: Heh, I think that was probably one of the craziest things i've said along the way. That and when I was so confused in vent I made cato laugh.
  • Bahzi: Hahaha never gonna let it down
By: Teslah - January 31st




  • Snîpe: this made me LOL
By: Teslah - January 9th

New videos up!

Bene has been frapsing on his new computer - and he's thrown some videos up for us! (I totally recommend his H10 Hagara. WINK)

Rose still has our older videos hosted on his account - you can watch them here!

By: Teslah - December 22nd

Q: Would you like to say a word to other guilds that are attempting to clear DS?

A: Never give up! It is imperative to stick together and have faith that you can do it. Every guild wants to give up at one point or another. But nothing can be achieved with one big shot. If you take it one step at a time, you will be rewarded for your effort.

              -From Playforum's Interview with KIN Raiders

  • Snîpe: like warlord heroic! after well over 200 atempts and hours of bashing heads against the desk we got it :D
By: Bellanka - November 30th



Current World Rank: #44


Here, have some pictures of boss kills. I missed a few because we were too busy racing for bosses, but still ...


Slapchopped Morchok!


Demoted the Warlord!


Gave Yor'Sahj the Unsleeping a dirt nap!


Hagara pictures coming soon!


We set Ultraxion's setting to Poortraxion! Where is your Ground Clutter now, jerk?


Brokebacked Deathwing's Spine!


... and we even cured Deathwing of his jungle fever!


And we even brought back souvenirs!


See you next week for Heroic Mode updates!

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