Guild Message of the Day - April 24th
Welcome to Swarm, part of the Immortal Gaming Network! ( to read more) Swarm is currently 3/13H.


Recruiting the following ...
If your class isn't listed above we still encourage you to apply.

"I have a very rare and amazing opportunity for you on this fine day! It just so happens that a band of adventurers many bards would give a set of their most prized dangling appendages for the chance to sing about are searching for you! We legendary adventurers are looking for a few strong new team members as exceptional as we are. Perhaps you, too, have been carrying bad or mediocre people to build your stamina and endurance. We have, and now we can trot through the steepest and most obstructed mountain paths with such ease that goats look at us in awe and say, "Bleat!" Much like Christopher Reeve, that's just how we roll.

We're looking to complement our already great players, daring to bring together the right people with which to rock socks. While, certainly, the Troubadors that hound our every step will also sing many a tale of you, we're looking for someone who already has a few heroic verses under their belt. We're looking to create an enduring legend for the ages, where your grandchildren's grandchildren will be hailed as Conqueror's Blood, even if they're a little overweight and socially awkward. We bring this offering to you in peace, for the sake of prosperity, so unclench your anus, relax your bladder, and have a gander at who we are and what we offer."
-Bellanka, Raid Leader

We have high expectations for our trials. Here's most of them:

Your class knowledge is impressive. We don't expect you to be on the cutting edge, writing your own spreadsheets, calculating your own haste plateaus and pioneering your class. We do expect that you keep abreast with class changes and are able to bring your very best to the raid. This means that you know and understand how your talents work, and tweaks to your spec you can make on a per-fight basis. That your understanding of the class is comprehensive and that you can play at least one of your alternative specs well. If you can intelligently debate your class (and accept harsh yet constructive criticisms²) then you're exactly the person we're looking for to help us clear Dragonsoul and push for quick progression through the next expansion.

The Raid Leader Frowns Upon Taking Avoidable Damage.
But we understand that no one is perfect (except for Emanuelle Chiriqui³) and people have bad days. It's when those bad days becomes bad habits that we pull people aside and have Chat Time. If you have an irresistable attraction to running through and into fire, exploding in the raid, and the attention span of a three-year-old that just downed four giant Pixie Sticks we're probably not a good fit for you.

You show up prepared. This doesn’t just mean you’ve got your food, flasks, pots, and are on time. (As a matter of fact, we provide all the necessary stuff for raiding.) This means that you know how your class works. You're properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged... before raid time. You understand all your talent trees enough to know how a few simple talent changes can mean the difference between a win and a loss. You not only have watched the boss videos and read strats, but you understand how your class and spec best fit into the fight. This is the kind of prepared we’re looking for.

You have a good attitude. We don’t want fake smiles. We don’t want people in it for the purples. (And if you’re just in it for the loot please stop reading here, you won’t fit in with the rest off us.) We’re looking for people who have fun pushing endgame content, who enjoy WoW outside of just raiding, and who enjoy playing with not just a raid group, but a team of friends. Having a sense of humor goes a big way to endearing yourself to us. Being able to gross us out or make off-the-cuff remarks that make Fim giggle like the pretty princess she is would be even better.

As DPS, you understand it’s not all about the meters and the ranks. While we appreciate people wanting to be number one for damage done, if you’re also just behind the tanks for damage taken you likely won’t find yourself playing with us for very long. Ideally, you can handle a special assignment ("Hey, Snipe, kite the adds in Phase 3" or "Hey Kilborn, stand out and iceblock this one") without putting up a big fuss. If you’re able to consistently show us big numbers for damage done and low numbers for damage taken, you’re exactly the type of person we’re looking for.

That you’re in it for the long haul.
Swarm is more than just a guild, it’s a home. If and when you pass your trial, you will likely find yourself in our famous facebook group, where you'll find many a humorous photo and/or (more) tales of Jack's Special Mother. We text outside raids and play other mmos together. If you’re the kind of player who comes back for the start of a tier, powers through it, and stops playing until the next one, we’re not the right fit for you. (There’s nothing wrong with playing the game like that, but that’s not the kind of player you’ll find with us. ) We do check your guild history. This is one of the many reasons we don’t just recruit skill, but that we also recruit personality.

About us:
-We are a 10man guild based Hordeside on US-Alterac Mountains (PVP).
-We raid Tuesdays, Wedsnesdays, and Thursdays 9pmEST-Midnight during progression.
-We add Mondays 9pmEST-Midnight during the first six weeks of a tier.
-We utilize loot council, based on BiS lists posted to forums & divvied out from officers, with some rolloffs. We've never had an issue with loot, and if you're the type of player that just wants to see a huge ilevel, pass us by.
-Swarm has a long history of hardmode endgame raiding, and while we fell off in early Cataclysm, we plan to power through MoP. Our goal for Pandaria is top US100. This will require a certain level of dedication and time involvement from our raiders.
-We raid Beta & PTR. Beta access is not required, but PTR must be installed and running properly.
-Why yes, we do provide feasts, flasks, and pots, along with gems & enchants for gear acquired during our raids.

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